Are X-Rays safe during pregnancy?

Dental X-rays, especially today’s digital versions, are extremely safe and use very little radiation. As a precaution, dentists use lead aprons to cover reproductive organs so that radiation doesn’t have the chance of affecting the cells inside of them (which would lead to atypical conditions in offspring.) Due to the cumulative effects of radiation, dental staff make a habit of stepping outside of the room when X-rays are taken.   That being said, they’re still quite safe. In fact, a

Why would I need a dental x-ray while pregnant?

Active dental infections don’t resolve on their own. In many situations, professional dental care is needed before the situation becomes more complex…or worse, spreads to other areas of the body.   Since most dental procedures can’t be completed without the use of an X-ray, pregnant women who are experiencing tooth pain or oral infections can still safely rely on getting X-rays to diagnose and treat their condition.   When you do, your dentist will still use a lead apron to

Which trimester is best?

Some experts recommend that if you’re going to avoid X-rays, the best time to do so would be your first trimester. However, it’s generally considered safe to see the dentist at any point. That being said, many women feel uncomfortable laying back during their third trimester, due to the baby’s size. If you’re planning to get pregnant, it’s best to go ahead and catch up on any dental work that you need to have done, or plan to get it