What causes colored areas?

Red/Purple Areas Are most often an indication of inflammation, infection, trauma or surface blood vessels. Blood conditions such as thrombocytopenia and amyloidosis can create red/purple areas in your mouth. Individuals who smoke, have dry mouth or a weakened immune system, are more susceptible to yeast infections that cause inflammation and may appear as reddened areas with a white covering. Oral infections may be reddened and appear raised compared to the surrounding tissue. People with bite problems, broken teeth or an

What will happen if I do nothing about colored areas?

Although some colored areas are normal variations of mouth tissue, many indicate underlying disease processes. If your colored area is caused by inflammation or infection, it will likely get worse as time goes on. If it is caused by ongoing trauma, it will also worsen with time. In the rare event that it is cancer, it can lead to disfigurement or death if not diagnosed.