What are same day dental implants?

An immediate load implant is one that’s placed and restored in one appointment. Traditional implants are usually placed, covered to allow the area to heal, and then restored with a fixed restoration several months later. In contrast, same day implants are installed and then have a fixed restoration placed at the same appointment, while bone integrates with the biocompatible, artificial tooth root.

Improved Aesthetics

Most immediate load dental implants are placed in the “aesthetic zone” of a person’s smile, that is, toward the front of their mouth. Such areas typically don’t have to bear as much weigh as back molars would for grinding and chewing. As such, they are at less of a risk for any complications when pressure is applied to them. Having a missing front tooth can be tremendously embarrassing. But with an immediate load implant you’re able to enjoy a new

Provisional Restorations

Depending on which tooth you’re replacing, your immediate load dental implant may have what we consider a “provisional” restoration placed on the date of surgery, then a more permanent restoration a few months later. Provisional crowns or bridges are made to eliminate aesthetic concerns but aren’t such that they’re kept in the mouth on a permanent, long-term basis. Why? Because your oral anatomy and gum tissues will slightly change after an implant is placed. After everything has integrated properly, those

What are the advantages of digital placement?

Many same day implant providers utilize CT/conebeam scanning to digitally map out the placement of the implant in advance of the surgery. This digital imaging allows for the opportunity to create a surgical guide for minimally-invasive and efficient placement of the implant(s). Most patients experience less discomfort and faster healing, while minimizing the need for additional bone grafts