What are some types of soft tissue grafts?

Depending on your oral health condition, the severity of your gum recession, and personal preferences, gum grafts can be selected from a few different sources. Connective Tissue Grafts —This very common graft uses a piece of connective tissue taken from the roof of your mouth by creating a small flap in the skin, removing some of the tissues underneath, then reattaching/closing the flap. The tissue is then sutured over the exposed tooth root to keep it in place as it

How do I promote a successful gum graft? 

In order for your graft to be successful and prevent infection, you’ll need to practice meticulous oral hygiene as the area heals. Carefully follow your dentist’s recommendations so as not to be too aggressive and cause the graft to fail. Additionally, the circumstances that led up to the reason for needing a graft will need to be kept in check. It could be that you’ve had a habit of aggressive brushing, using a stiff-bristled brush, tend to use smokeless tobacco