What is Cosmetic Gum Recontouring? 

Do you think your teeth look short? Do you feel like more of your gingiva shows than your teeth, creating a  “gummy” smile? Are uneven gums creating lopsidedness in your teeth? If so, adjusting the shape and length of your gums using recontouring can provide significant results. When you expose more of your white tooth enamel, it helps your smile look fuller, brighter, and overall healthier.

What is Therapeutic Gum Recontouring?

Also called “crown lengthening,” there are times when we need to shorten the height of your gums for health purposes. For example, if you have a tooth that needs a crown but is significantly worn down, we can reduce the gumlines so that more tooth is visible. This type of crown lengthening is used for restorative purposes, reducing the need for alternatives, such as tooth extractions. Therapeutic gingival contouring is also recommended for people who have chronic gum disease. This

What is Laser Recontouring?

In the past, gum recontouring was performed using invasive, surgical techniques. Fortunately, that’s no longer the case. Most Kois dentists incorporate gentle, soft-tissue laser technology which allows for minimally invasive treatments, including gingival contouring. The best part is that  the procedure of gum contouring with a laser is fast and practically pain free.

What can I expect during the procedure?

Numbing gel may be used during the process but it’s rare that the area needs to be numbed with local anesthetic. If for any reason you experience minor irritation, a warm saltwater rinse or ibuprofen is usually all that you need. Additionally, using lasers for gum recontouring eliminates the need for surgical techniques, sutures, or bandages. The laser gently cauterizes the tissue, so that bleeding and swelling are practically non-existent. This means your diet and exercise routines can return to