What are Veneers?

Dental veneers are crafted from thin shells of porcelain. Each bonds directly to an individual tooth, masking what it looks like from another person’s point of view. Generally, several veneers are placed side-by-side to address overall aesthetic concerns across your visible smile.

How many will I need?

Depending on your unique anatomy and cosmetic concerns, you may need anywhere from 6-10 veneers or more. They can also be combined with other restorative services (such as porcelain crowns or composite bonding) on adjacent teeth, for optimal overall results.

What kind of aesthetic enhancements can I have with veneers?

What aspects of your smile can be changed with veneers? Crowding Gaps Misalignment Staining and discoloration Misshaped enamel By covering the teeth in your “smile zone,” dental veneers are able to create the appearance of a perfectly straight, white smile. No braces are necessary! The entire process only takes 2-3 trips.

What can I expect during treatment?

Most veneer cases begin with a consultation and exam. At this visit, we’ll discuss the concerns you have about your smile, what enhancements you would like to make, and any long or short-term goals that we need to keep in mind. From there, we’ll be able to review which aesthetic services are most appropriate — such as veneers, whitening, etc. — and create a customized plan that outlines the process step by step. For more complex cases, we may recommend

Why should I invest?

Choosing to get cosmetic veneers can help you feel free to smile more often, talk to people you don’t know, and even boost your overall confidence in social or professional settings. Being comfortable with the way your smile looks affects just about every aspect of your personal life.