Why would I have a  crown lengthening procedure?

Function: This surgical procedure is recommended if there is not enough healthy tooth structure above the gum. By changing the bone level and exposing more of the tooth structure, a tooth can be properly restored with a crown or other restoration. Aesthetics: This procedure can improve a gummy smile of the front teeth. By changing the bone level around the teeth in question and subsequently changing the levels of the gums, an aesthetic improvement is achieved.

What are the risks?

Risks associated with local anesthetic, bleeding, bruising, swelling and infection are all possible complications. Tooth sensitivity, exposure of adjacent tooth structure and exposure of restoration margins may also occur.

What are my alternatives?

You may elect to remove the tooth that cannot be properly restored without crown lengthening. The tooth will then likely need to be replaced. An alternative to crown lengthening might be to orthodontically move the tooth into the mouth.