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Your dental team is a go-to source for oral cancer screenings and diagnosis. As experts when it comes to oral anatomy, dentists can help to put your mind at ease if it’s a false alarm, make appropriate diagnosis regarding your condition, and guide you to the next steps to take if cancer treatment is necessary. Regular oral cancer screenings can save your life. The best person to perform these evaluations is your dentist, because of how attentive they are to your intraoral and extraoral anatomy, having been able to evaluate it twice per year if you schedule regular checkups. Some dental offices use advanced oral cancer screening systems, which pinpoint abnormal tissues on a cellular level, before they’re visible to the naked eye. The process generally involves a special rinse and light, which illuminates cells that differ from the healthy ones around them. If precancerous or abnormal tissues are observed, they may be monitored, or a biopsy taken. Once the results of your brush or punch biopsy return, you can get a referral to an oncologist or oral surgeon as needed.