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What types of teeth whitening are available?


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In-office whitening treatments

Same day whitening treatments take about an hour to complete. We apply the product directly to your teeth and use a light to trigger the oxidation process. After the gel is rinsed away, we repeat the process one or two more times, until full results are achieved.

Take-home customized kits

An impression is made of your teeth, which is used to create a form fitting whitening tray. Apply the provided whitening gel into the reservoir of each tooth and wear the trays for an hour per day. You’ll start to see results after a few days, with full whiteness achieved between 10-14 days.

Over the counter products

Available online or at your local supermarket, these products come in the form of pens, strips, rinses, and trays. However, the ingredients inside of the products are generally weaker than what’s available from your dentist (think over the counter medication vs. a prescription from your doctor.) As such, they won’t work as well for moderate to severe staining and results will be weaker than something you get from your dentist.