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What is Therapeutic Gum Recontouring?


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Also called “crown lengthening,” there are times when we need to shorten the height of your gums for health purposes.

For example, if you have a tooth that needs a crown but is significantly worn down, we can reduce the gumlines so that more tooth is visible. This type of crown lengthening is used for restorative purposes, reducing the need for alternatives, such as tooth extractions.

Therapeutic gingival contouring is also recommended for people who have chronic gum disease. This type of treatment is called “pocket reduction.” This is fairly similar to crown lengthening, however, it’s done for the purpose of reducing the depth of the pocket under your gums, where plaque and tartar accumulate. By shortening the depth of your periodontal pocket, the area becomes easier to clean with floss, thus reducing your chances of relapse and tooth loss.