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What is the treatment for a lip tie?


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A lip tie treatment may be needed as early as 2-3 days old in an infant, or when a child is about to enter school for the first time. It depends on the symptoms noticed by parents and pediatricians.

For example, your newborn baby is especially fussy and isn’t soothed when eating. She’s losing weight and your doctor recommends pumping or supplementing with formula in a bottle. She won’t drink it. Upon examination, your pediatrician, midwife, pedodontist or family dentist observes a tight strip of skin just inside of her lip. It turns out she’s lip tied.

By loosening the labial frenum, your baby can free up her lips for a better latch. She’s immediately able to take in more milk, feel satisfied, and grow.

Depending on your doctor’s capabilities and equipment, the actual lip tie treatment is a fairly straightforward process. Numbing may not even be necessary! In less than a minute, the skin can be trimmed away and your baby can comfortably eat.