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What causes colored areas?


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Red/Purple Areas

Are most often an indication of inflammation, infection, trauma or surface blood vessels. Blood conditions such as thrombocytopenia and amyloidosis can create red/purple areas in your mouth. Individuals who smoke, have dry mouth or a weakened immune system, are more susceptible to yeast infections that cause inflammation and may appear as reddened areas with a white covering. Oral infections may be reddened and appear raised compared to the surrounding tissue. People with bite problems, broken teeth or an ill-fitting denture may have traumatized or inflamed tissues that look red and even ulcerated. Blood vessels often become more apparent in your mouth as you grow older and they show up as red/dark purple bumps.

Brown Areas

Usually caused by pigmentation in the gums or  the lining of your mouth. Populations with darker skin tones tend to have these brown areas and are a variation of normal mouth tissue appearance.

Black Areas

Usually benign “amalgam tattoos” and occur when gums or tissues are traumatized during the placement or removal of silver fillings. Amalgam tattoos won’t grow or change over time and don’t pose a health risk. However, black areas can also indicate a more serious condition, so it is important to have your dentist determine what has caused the change in coloration.