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What are the types of dental specialists?


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According to the American Dental Association, there are specific types of dental specialists recognized in the country. These include:

Periodontists — A type of dental expert who specializes in managing the bone and soft tissues around teeth, such as in the instance of gum disease or dental implant therapy.

Prosthodontists — Experts at tooth replacement and fixed restorations, such as dentures, dental bridges, and implant restorations.

Pediatric Dentists — Those dentists who specialize in treating children, especially those who are young or have special needs.

Endodontists — This is who your dentist might refer you to if you needed a particularly challenging root canal treatment or are experiencing unexplained tooth pain.

Orthodontists — You’re probably familiar with this one! These dentists are experts at orofacial and growth modification with braces and orthodontic appliances.

Oral Surgeons — While known for wisdom tooth removal, oral surgeons also provide reconstructive jaw surgeries, dental implant placement, and cleft palate repair.

There are other specialists like Oral Pathologists and Oral Radiologists, who may be experts you see if you’re experiencing chemotherapy or oral cancer diagnosis and treatment.

In order to become one of these experts, dentists must be accepted into a post-graduate dental program to further their formal studies in the particular area of oral health. While a dentist may claim to specialize in a particular treatment, they are not a licensed specialist unless they’ve completed one of these post-graduate programs.