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What are the advantages of implants?


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Choosing to invest in dental implants over more conventional types of treatment offers many advantages to your overall oral health. Rather than altering adjacent teeth to support a fixed prosthesis, implants stand independently and function as if they were natural teeth. A number of benefits, include:

  • Preservation of natural biting patterns and tooth alignment
  • Non-invasive to adjacent teeth (no reshaping or structure removal)
  • Enhanced bone support of the jaw and face
  • Permanent (non-removable) restorative designs
  • Options for dental implant stabilization
  • Better return on investment than conventional treatments

Today’s implants are the most lifelike tooth replacements available. Not only that, but their extremely high success rate means nearly 98% of dental implants last for the life of patients. They offer the longest return on investment of any modern-day dental restoration.