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A Combination of Treatments


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Every smile makeover is unique. Your dentist will evaluate your needs on a comprehensive and tooth-by-tooth basis. In some situations, a variety of restorative and elective treatments are used to achieve an overall goal. If you need to whiten your teeth before replacing a single porcelain crown (crowns can’t be whitened after they’re placed, so it’s best to start with a lighter color from the start) you would have to pay for the whitening out of pocket, before filing the crown against your insurance benefits.

As part of your cosmetic dentistry plan, your dentist will provide a variety of options and a detailed breakdown as to what’s covered (or not) by your benefit package.

In most cases, you can easily finance the portion of your treatment that isn’t covered by insurance, making it more affordable. If your insurance pays more than you expect, you’re left with a lower out-of-pocket amount.